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IL VALORE DEL FEMMINILE (the Value of Feminine) is an Association with informative and formative purpose, an innovative pole and place of artistic, creative, scientific meeting, focused on the human being, on the relationships, on the projects planning.

It stimulates intergenerational dialogue, it facilitates sharing, socialization and experimentation thanks to projects such as the school of counseling, free of charge help line, art, exhibitions, concerts, integrated individual and group pathways.

Il valore del femminile enhances talents and develops the individual skills.

All this through 3 simple actions: Recognizing the Past, Building the Present and Planning the Future.



In today's social and cultural system, competitiveness and rationality dominate. This has led the human being to set goals and obtain results adhering to pre-established models of success and presumed happiness.

The exasperation of all this is one of the main causes of the current distress of the individual who feels increasingly dissatisfied even if living conditions are much better than in the past.

Il valore del femminile starts from here. From an intuition of President Virginia Vandini who, following her studies in sociology and her professional experience in the field, understands that in order to feel good with oneself and with others, it is necessary to embrace cooperation, acceptance, listening, inclusiveness (the typical characteristics of the feminine) and integrate them with the other aspects of vital energy, including masculine energy, for the true well-being of humanity.



The intent of the Association is to spread the values of femininity, constituting itself as an innovative pole and meeting place where numerous scientific, artistic and creative initiatives take place, with pedagogical-educational aims.


School of Person-Centered Humanistic Counseling

The Association offers a training course to become a Professional Counselor, a profession recognized by Law No. 3 of 2014 whose founding principles are precisely listening, empathy, acceptance of self and other. The course is accredited S.I.Co. (Italian Society of Counseling) and takes place with a weekend formula. To learn more

Academy for Talent Development

Particular attention is dedicated to the development of "Soft Skills": Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving, Self-Esteem, Assertiveness and Leadership. Qualities that today are more than ever indispensable both in the personal and work environment.

 Center for Analysis and Research on Digital Intelligence

Thanks to collaborations with political institutions, universities, public and private entities, we organize technical working groups and social initiatives both to identify risk behaviors and to create a widespread and shared awareness on the appropriate use of digital media.

 Art and Culture Workshop

We promote social interaction through artistic and cultural events (exhibitions, concerts, literary cafes, cinema, travel). In a world where we are increasingly connected, but at the same time increasingly isolated, the Art and Culture Workshop offers opportunities to stimulate and experience the feminine at its most mysterious and exciting level: the conception and the birth of a creative work.

Integrated individual and group paths

A team of professionals is available to foster and support the psycho-physical, professional and economic well-being. The intent is to integrate different approaches with the same human values of empathy, listening and cooperation in order to facilitate people to get in touch with the true Self also through the achievement of financial freedom.

 Consulting and Training

In order to enhance human resources, create collaborative social environments, create harmonious relationships and improve the climate of organizations, Il valore del femminile realizes ad hoc projects for Companies, Schools and Health Centers: Stress and Conflict Management, Professional Orientation, Effective Communication and Assertiveness, Empowerment, Change Management.


 All the projects mentioned so far are conducted in Italian.

However, there is another Key activity that is offered in English too:


Help Line Service

Our team of professionals Counselors, offers a free help line activity to support people who are experiencing a moment of difficulty at an individual, relational and / or work level.

You will be listened carefully, attentively and empathically, never judgmentally. With all the care you deserve and that will help you focusing on your own priorities and finding your own way out of the current distress.

Mon-Fri 18.00-20.00; Saturday and Sunday 09.00-20.00

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Virginia Vandini
Virginia VandiniPresident and Founder of the Project.
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Gabriele AlbaneseVice
Erika Marrafino
Erika MarrafinoHead of External Relations &
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Germano FazioHead of Secretariat &